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Be the first cosplayer in your country to #SuitUpForJack.

Cosplayers around the world can Suit Up For Jack to Save Lives in their region. We are currently in 7 countries around the world but are hoping to expand #Suitupforjack. We need your help to do so. Be the first to #Suitupforjack in your country and let us know. We will post your photos on our " FIRST to Suit Up" photo gallery. Share your cosplayer #suitupforjack photos on social media to help spread the word.

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Suit Up For Jack in your country to help sick kids.

Cosplayers saving lives globally

In the USA visit In Canada visit In the UK visit, Australia visit Lifeblood Register and locate a donor center near you.

Cosplayers often use their creativity to support causes like visiting sick kids in hospitals or fundraising. Now they are saving lives while in costume. Browse the link buttons below to see the first cosplayers to #SuitUpForJack in their countries around the world.

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Suit Up and Save a Life

Blood is needed in your area.