Batman Day Cosplayer Challenge

Batman Day 2023 is September 16th. The first ever global Batman Day Cosplayer Challenge has begun. The Bat Signal is lit. We are calling all Batman Cosplayers including Gotham Villains. Therefore Joker, Catwoman, Harley Quinn and other Gotham cosplayers are invited to participate.

The DC Comics Batman universe has inspired a wide variety of Batman cosplayers around the world. 60 years of successful comics and movie franchises have help expand the Gotham fan base. These Caped Crusaders and Dark Knights use their costuming abilities to fight evil and support good causes. They often attend fundraising events or hospitals in costume. Because cosplayers work for a good causes, cosplay is often referred to as causeplay.

In honour of Batman Day 2023, Suit Up For Jack has created a Batman Day Cosplayer Challenge. Suit Up For Jack is a cosplayer driven blood donor awareness campaign. Its main goal is to help sick kids through needed blood donation. Cosplayers around the world donate blood while in costume. The act of donating in costume turns heads and gains attention in addition to the benefit of the actual blood donation. You can imagine donating blood at your local clinic and a Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman or Star Wars character walks in to donate. Cosplayers post photos of their blood donation to their social media. Photos are taken of the cosplayer holding a sign with the #suitupforjack hashtag on it.Therefore when the photo is shared on social media , followers of that cosplayer learn about the campaign.

With each new cosplayer post, more cosplayers become aware of this growing campaign and may decide to participate. Because of this chain effect the momentum of the campaign continues.

The Batman Day Cosplayer Challenge goals

The goal for the 2023 Batman Day Challenge is simple. It’s to have as many cities globally participate. How do you participate? Thats easy. Just make an appointment to donate blood at your local clinic. Then donate blood in full costume or even a Batman T-shirt. As long as its Batman related it counts in the challenge. Remember to have photos of the donation taken and share them on your social media. Include the #SuitUpForJack hashtag sign in addition to using the actual #suitupforjack hashtag in your post.

The Bat Signal is lit globally.

Batman Day is normally more popular in North America but it continues to grow globally. Cosplayers can Suit Up For Jack in any country in the world. If you are the first in your country, state or region to Suit Up For Jack let them know. They will list you on their first in region gallery.

You can make your own SuitUpForJack sign. However, if you would like a custom sign just request it. You can email the campaign at to request it.

Suitupforjack will email you a custom Batman Day sign with your city location on it to print.

Batman Suits up for Jack on Batman Day

Global Batman Day 2023 Event

There is a global Batman Day 2023 Event on Sept 16th, 2023. The Dark Knight Returns with Gotham’s Super Villains to help sick kids during a worldwide Batman Day 2023 Event. The Bat Signal is on for Batman fans and cosplayers around the world. The group behind the bat signal is called Suit Up For Jack.

Suit Up For Jack is a global cosplayer-driven blood drive. Cosplayers donate blood in costume to bring attention to the need for blood donations everywhere. The campaign was inspired by a young cosplayer with Severe Aplastic Anemia. Jack has received over 140 units of blood so far to battle his disease. Because he depends on blood donors this young cosplayer has become an advocate for blood donation for other children around the world. SuitUpForJack is not to collect blood for Jack but for all kids anyway who require blood transfusions to battle the various diseases they are dealing with.

The Suit Up For Jack campaign encourages cosplayers to donate blood in costume. During their donation they hold a sign with the hashtag #suitupforjack on it and have photos taken. Photos are posted on the cosplayer’s social media accounts so other cosplayers become aware of the campaign. Cosplayers also share their photos via the Suit Up For Jack Instagram page.

Cosplayers Saving Lives

Blood Donor Clinics delight in the arrival of cosplayers. Support for the SuitUpForJack campaign has been strong from blood agencies. The campaign boasts an amazing 30% first time donor rate. 30 percent of cosplayers who #SuitUpForJack are first time donors. This means they have never donated blood before but became aware of the need though SuitUpForJack. Cosplayers often participate in charitable and fun raising events but the idea of directly saving lives through blood donation has proven a success. The campaign is constantly running but special donor events are held on special days like May the 4th ( Star Wars Day ) , Friday the 13th and of course Batman Day.

Batman Day 2023

Batman Day is September 16th, 2023. Therefore Suit Up For Jack has lit the bat signal. They are calling all Gotham and Batman cosplayers around the world to donate blood on Batman Day in full costume.

Batman, Catwoman, Joker and Harley Quinn cosplayers
Batman Cosplayers Saving lives

Cosplayers who donate blood on Batman Day are asked to share photos of their donation on their social media accounts. Use the #suitupforjack hashtag in both your social media post and on a sign in your photo. This is meant to help the campaign spread through awareness.

Donate Blood anywhere on Batman Day 2023

Suit Up For Jack is a global campaign. Cosplayers are currently Suiting Up in 7 countries worldwide but the campaign is always expanding as more cosplayers join in. Therefore all Gotham cosplayers are invited to participate in this event no matter where they live. On or about Sept 16th, put on your cosplay and donate blood with a #suitupforjack sign. Donate blood, save a life, and share your photos online. Visit the SuitUpForJack website and see if you are the first cosplayer to participate in your state, country, or region. If you are, let the campaign know and they will place your photo on their ” First Cosplayer to Suit Up” page. 

Batman Cosplay
Batman Cosplayer Suits Up For Jack

Got questions about Suit Up For Jack? Just email us at or message us on social media through Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok

501st Legion Suits Up For Jack

A Garrison of the 501st Legion Suits Up for Jack. Houstons Star Garrison and 501st South Texas Squad were the first 501st legion to Suit Up For Jack. The 501st Legion is an organization of Star Wars fans from all over the world that combines costuming with fundraising, charity work, and volunteering. The 501st is known for their charity work. Additionally they are just as well known for their screen accurate costumes. Therefore Star Wars cosplayers around the world strive to have their cosplay approved to the level of admittance to the 501st Legion.

Members of the 501st Legion have given blood in cosplay for Suit Up For Jack in the past. However, the May 4th Star Wars challenge was the first time a group blood donation was done for Suit Up For Jack.

Suit Up For Jack created a world-wide challenge pitting Imperial Star Wars cosplayers against Rebel Legion cosplayers. The challenge was noticed by Houston’s Star Garrison and the South Texas Squad. The two 501st Star Wars groups pushed the Imperial cosplayers to victory in the challenge. Additionally, they won the award for country with the most participants (USA), group with the most first-time donors, and state with the most participants. (TX) The Star Garrison also put Houston on the Suit Up For Jack participation map. When the 501st Legion suits up for Jack, they take it seriously.

501st Legion in Houston, Texas, USA Suits Up for Jack to help sick kids

Star Wars Cosplayers Helping Sick Kids

Helping people has always been the coremission of the 501st legion. Their philanthropy and fundraising activities are widely known throughout the world. Additionally, their participation in Suit Up For Jack allows them to donate blood and directly help sick kids in their local area. Suit Up For Jack is a global cosplay blood donor awareness campaign. The Suit Up For Jack campaign never ends and all 501st members are welcome to join in.

Interested in Suiting Up For Jack to help kids in your area? Learn more at

With your help we are always looking to expand this campaign. 7 countries have joined us and we’rehoping to bring in more cities, regions and countries.

Star Wars Cosplayers, 501st Legion
A 501st Legion in Texas, Suits Up For Jack to help sick kids!

Donating Blood in Cosplay

Suit Up For Jack aka Donating Blood in Cosplay is a new growing trend. Cosplayers have always supported good causes and charitable events. They often visit sick kids in hospitals bringing smiles with them. Now a new blood donor campaign allows them save lives in the process.

Suit Up For Jack is a cosplay driven blood donor awareness campaign. It started in London, Ontario, Canada but has now grown globally to 6 countries. It’s simple. Cosplayers donate blood in costume. They have photos taken of the cosplay donation while holding a sign with the #SuitUpForJack hashtag on it. Additionally they put their city name on the sign as well. They share that photo on social media so friends learn about the campaign. By using the #SuitUpForJack hashtag in their social media post, the campaign learns of their donation and adds their city to the websites participation map.

Donating Blood in Cosplay
Cosplayer donates blood as Harley Quinn

First time donors are inspired.

Donating blood in cosplay is not a new concept. Cosplayers have done it for years. However, Suit Up For Jack is the first organized effort to promote and encourage blood donation in costume. 30% of those who #SuitUpForJack are first time donors. Because blood donors are always needed, First time donors are especially appreciated. There is something about cosplayers that make them take that first step to help others.

Many of the Suit Up For Jack first time donors return to #SuitUpForJack again. Even better, they bring friends with them the next time.

Harley Quinn Cosplayer
Harley Quinn cosplayer Suits Up For Jack in Toronto Canada!

Suit Up and Save Lives!

Did you know each blood donation saves up to 3 lives? Its true. Donating blood in cosplay is fun but more importantly its making a big difference people in you area. We encourage you to learn more about Suit Up For jack via the website or our social media accounts. Social media accounts include Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok.

Help us make our participation map complete. We are looking for cosplayers in more USA states as well as more countries outside of North America to participate.

May 4th Cosplayer Challenge

Suit Up For Jack introduces the first ever May 4th Cosplayer Challenge. This Annual special event is a contest between Imperial Forces and Rebel cosplayers. Who will #SuitUpForJack more to claim victory for 2023? The event runs from April 27 to May 4th. A winning side is declared after May 4, 2023. Overall, its really a win-win event for both sides.

For years Star Wars cosplayers like the 501st and Rebel Legion have supported charities and good causes. They have raised charitable funds and made special appearances bringing smiles to fans around the world. Now they have the chance to help sick kids in their area in a special event for May 4th.

Why May the 4th?

Star Wars cosplayers have been part of Suit Up For Jack since the beginning. This participation inspired an idea. A day of an annual Star Wars cosplayer competition. May the 4th is known as Star Wars Day. Star Wars Day is a day Cosplayers celebrate in force. Obviously, the date was an easy one to select. Cosplayers are invited to donate individually or as a group between April 27th and May 4th. When they use the #SuitUpForJack hashtag in their posts they will be counted. Additionally they can contact the campaign at to make sure there participation is counted.

Cosplayers donate blood for sick kids
Star Wars Cosplayer participate in SuitUpForJack

Imperial or Rebel forces. Who will win this year.

A battle is brewing. Star Wars cosplayers globally will compete to see which side will #SuitUpForJack the most on May the 4th. 

1. Choose your side and donate blood in cosplay in your local area.

2. Take a photo of you donating in costume while holding a #SuitUpForJack hashtag sign including your city and post it on your social media. Use the #SuitUpForJack hashtag in your post so we can count you. We will also add your city to our participation map.

3. A winning side will be announced on May 5th. Who will win? 

Special awards to: Largest Group Donation, Country with the most participants, State/Region with the most participants, Group with the most first time donors.

More about SuitUpForJack

Suit Up For Jack is an ongoing global cosplayer driven blood donor campaign. The campaign is just under 2 years old. It started in London, Ontario Canada inspired by a 12 year old cosplayer. Jack has been a cosplayer since he was 5 years old. At age 12 he was diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia. This disease means he cannot produce red blood cells on his own. Because he doesn’t product red blood cells, he depends on blood donation to survive. To date he has received over 140 units of blood. Jack became a blood donor advocate to help other kids like him. Jacks love of cosplay blended with his efforts to promote blood donation and Suit Up For Jack was created.

Suit Up For Jack grows Globally

The campaign has now grown to 6 countries globally. The premise is simple. Cosplayers donate blood in costume at their local donation centre. They have photos taken of the donation while holding a sign with the hashtag #SuitUpForJack on it. They post that photo on their social media accounts so other learn of the campaign. In addition to the social media posts, someone showing up in cosplay to donate blood brings attention to the need for blood. Additionally, 30% of the SuitUpForJack blood donors are first time donors. Therefore blood donor clinics love the concept.

501st vs Rebel Legion

Groups like the 501st and Rebel legions have been contacted to see if they are interested in participating. Several 501st garrisons are already on board. Texas seems to be a big player this first year. However… any Star Wars cosplayer can participate.

Participating Countries

Any country can participate in #SuitUpForJack. Currently cosplayers have participated in the USA, Germany, Canada, Scotland, England and Columbia. All countries are welcome!